Richmond Auto Auction


Richmond Auto Auction

Purchasing used cars at via auctions is a great compromise between looking to purchase from a used car lot and private seller. The first and biggest upside is the potential to save an large amount of money, assuming you are able to find a gem in the rough. Assuming you do your due diligence while looking for vehicles worth considering and understand the bidding process this shouldn't be an issue, especially if you can bring a gear head with you to help you avoid any major issues if you need the help, which most of us do.

Thought it is important to know that you can't simply return the car to the auctioneers if you don't like it or find something is wrong the way you may be able to at a dealership, when you win a car it's yours. The good news is if you bid well you should be able to sell it to someone able to put the work in for about as much as you paid for it in the first place. But if you inspect and do your due diligence the repairs and modification you need and want to make should be as you expect. Do into it knowing you'll need a full tune up at the very least plus anything you find when you inspect it, but set aside a few hundred extra just in case.

Participating In Auctions In Person

First thing you should do is visit a few auctions with no intentions of buying anything just to become familiar with the process. Make sure your bring you drivers license and when time to start bidding enough cash to cover your maximum bid plus any additional fees. Along with doing your own inspection it's very important to get your reports from Vehicle Identification Number so you can check out the history of the different ones you like and see how clean they are to narrow it down.

What's The Secret To Get A Good Deal

Sadly, there is no special sauce. You simply have to all the research on the vehicles you are interested in and make sure you don't overbid. If you just do that you are highly likely to be thrilled in the end when you have your new car all repaired and possibly even upgraded to fit your taste and style. By saving so much money over the used car lot you'll have plenty left to make the it the car you want, upgraded performance or stereo.

Why Doesn't Everyone Do Auctions?

To the uninitiated and unprepared auctions are seen as being very intimidating, that's why we stress going multiple times before you even sign up to bid and to do your research. Knowing what you should expect will help prevent from getting in over your head and if you have maximum bids written in stone for each vehicle you are interested in and you actually stick to it you should have great success and find a great car for you.