Charity Auto Auction


Charity Auto Auction

Charity Auctions allow buyers to purchase used cars that typically allow you to get a vehicle for less than it would cost you if you were to buy one from a dealership. However you are sure to get a dream car at a huge discount. Usually these vehicles will need some work done to them so keep that in mind when setting your highest bid for any vehicle that you are interested in. Don't allow yourself to get caught up in trying to win.

The biggest thing you can do to make sure you are going to have a positive experience is do as much research as you can, look to see what will be on the auction block and see what you are interested in and do your homework, find out how much these choices are selling for at local used car lots as well as the blue book values so you will know if you are getting a good deal or not. If not cross it off the list.

If You Don't, Make Sure To Bring Someone that Knows Cars

You will have a small window to inspect the vehicle in person so you will need someone able to give it a good once over and be able to identify any obvious issues and know how big of an issue it will end up being, if it's a cheap fix it may still be worth bidding on, just make sure not to overbid on it or any others.

Have Money Set Aside For Repairs

Most vehicles for sale at auctions are there for a reason, they generally weren't able to sell elsewhere. It could be due to repair issues, past accidents, or flooding. Depends on how skilled you or the friend you brought with you to inspect vehicles are at identifying how much will need to spent on repairs, to know how much to keep set aside and where to stop bidding at to help make sure you get a good deal when you win.

Know The Entire Car's History Ahead Of Placing The Winning Bid

If you are able to get the VIN ahead of time or during inspection time you can check it's history to have a fuller picture about what you are interest in purchasing. For instance if you see the car was part of a businesses fleet you may feel a little safer knowing they likely kept their fleet in good shape. However, since you won't be stuck paying monthly car payments you will be able to set aside money for any car repairs. Get VinAudit reports so you know the history of your choice.