Greater Detroit Auto Auction


Greater Detroit Auto Auction

In general the vehicles that you will find at auction are former rentals, off lease, government vehicles (Either former government vehicles or confiscated vehicles.), or repossessions. Especially in the lesser ratings you will find cars that weren't able to be sold anywhere else. In general you will want to stick with the top tier vehicles unless you are ready to do a bunch of work to what you buy or are buying a cheap car to use for parts for another project. But let's assume you are simply hoping you will find a great deal for a daily driver.

The the more you know about vehicles the better prepared for this route of getting a car at a great price will go, if you don't know much you will want to find a friend or family member that does. If you don't really know any good choices to help you can always reach out to a mechanic that is familiar with auctions and offer them $50 or so to meet you there and help you. Or perhaps you will meet a friendly person there for help.

Begin By Doing All Of Your Homework

Most auctions will have a website, Facebook, or some other way to show off there next auction block selections. So start off by looking over this and make notes of any and all of the vehicles that interest you. You should also run history checks on them when they provide the Vehicle Identification Number, either online or you can also do this when inspecting in person, but if possible it would be better to be able to know what fails the VIN report to cross off the list ahead of time.

Check The All Of The Price Guides

You will want to know the blue book values for these vehicles in the condition they are in and how much they will be worth when fixed up. You'll want to find the price for buyers and the prices for the sellers. Along with this you will also want to look for these cars that are currently or recently on sale and get an idea of how much they sell for elsewhere, as the point of going to auctions for a vehicle is to score one at a great deal.

Don't Get Your Hopes Up For A Dream Car

You're bargain hunting after all, you aren't likely to find an amazing car in great shape. Odds are the vast majority of the selection will be high mileage and heavily used. These public auctions are often where the least expensive vehicles with condition issues that need repairs. But that doesn't mean you can't get a great deal that will last you until you can save up for a new option, and the work you do to the car you buy may let you break even when you resell or at least come close when you trade it in at a used car dealership.