Pro Tech Auction


Pro Tech Auction

Trying to find the best bargain for your next car, skip the dealerships and used car lots, go to the source auto auctions. Now they go to private ones to find vehicles to buy to fix up to sell to you for a profit, there are ways to get into one of those but you will dealing with much harder competition. We will focus on public auctions, first the downside you are pretty much buying vehicles AS IS, some have limited warranties but it's better to think of it as once you win the bidding it's yours, which assuming you did all your homework and prepared you will be happy it is. Vehicles auctioned off tend to sell for wholesale pricing, meaning you are saving even after you make any repairs you need to and customize the car to your tastes and style.

One of the biggest tips you should listen to is that you should make a point to attend at the very least one of these auctions before you are even ready to bid, going a few times is even better. You want to become familiar with the process and the atmosphere, even down to the cadence of the auctioneers voice. The more comfortable you are when it comes time to make your bids the more confident you will be and get a deal.

Compare All The Vehicles Available

Either from their website, Facebook page, or other means you should be able to get the list of vehicles that will be available for you to start doing your research, if you are lucky they will include the Vehicle Identification Number for you to look up the history of the car from the comfort of your house. You can make a list of the cars, trucks, or SUVs that you are interested and find all info about those models so you have a good idea about the maximum bid should be, if they have any common problems and how much the average repair costs. Now you have a good starting point until you can inspect them in person.

Vehicle Identification Number Reports Will Help You Out A Ton

Get the list of all of the vehicles on the block that week and research everything that you can about every vehicle that you may be interested in. Know the wholesale and retail costs, look into which of those cars you like are known to have common problems and if there is a good fix or not, also look into various repair costs. Knowing how to avoid problematic cars is the best thing you can do whenever looking for a vehicle, it will save you headaches. Check the VIN's of cars you like.

Do Your Inspection In Person

It's a good idea to bring someone who knows cars better than you do if possible for this part. You want to look over the interior and exterior for any obvious issues or defects. Make sure the VIN matches in different parts of the car. You are looking for any signs of expensive repairs. Once you have checked the vehicles make adjustments to your maximum bids as needed. Now you should be ready to make smart bids and get a great vehicle that with just a little TLC will give you a reliable car while saving a ton of money.