Manheim Metro Detroit: A Wholesale Auto Auction


Manheim Metro Detroit

Purchasing your next vehicle via auction may seem like a pretty daunting prospect for many who are used to going to a dealership and hoping the their knowledge is enough to make sure they aren't getting ripped off by an untrustworthy sales person, a big issue is there is no test driving at auctions, so if you really want to do a general test drive do your homework about what vehicles will be up for auction and find the same makes and models at a used car lots and take them out for a test drive to see how you like them to help you decide if it's something you will be interested in bidding on. Good preparation is your best tool for success.

The more you can do before bidding the better, if you can attend a few just to observe first will help you settle in and be more comfortable when it's time to place a bid. Check websites, Facebook pages, or any other way to get the information about what vehicles will be up for auction and focus on any maybes and do research into them. Once you are there seeing them in person you can start crossing your maybes off until you have a list of possibles assuming you aren't outbid. Make sure for each you have a max bid and stick.

Bring Someone Who Can Be A Good Helper For You

If you aren't a car expert, find a friend or family member that truly is, I mean someone who fixes serious problems themselves, if you don't have someone you can look into hiring a consultant. Someone just as smart as the professionals that are attending, in the end the cost of your consultant will likely save you money when you have a winning bid. The consultant may also be able to do any repairs or other fixes. Before thinking of a bid you should check the Vehicle Identification Number and read the full report to know all about the vehicles history.

How to Bid When You're Ready

These auctions happen at a fast pace so strike while the iron is hot, being familiar with the pace of the auctioneer should help you know where to bid. When one of your chosen vehicles is up. If you know the pace you will know when you should be making your bids, just keep in mind your max bid for that vehicle. Don't get caught up in a bidding war, you only lose if you lose your composure and exceed your pre-set limit.

Avoid Bidding Wars At All Costs

We are drilling down on this one because it is the most important, bidding can be a lot like gambling where you get caught up in wanting the win and your pride and ego can take over. Your main goal is to stay calm and stick to what you had planned on spending when you did all of your research. You will feel much worse if you overpay for the car you wanted so badly in the moment when it comes time to spend more money making improvements and fixing whatever it end up needing to be a solid vehicle you can be happy about.