American Vehicle Auto Auction


American Vehicle Auto Auction

When searching for a car or truck, it would serve you well to consider going to local car auctions that are open to the public. Auctions like this are a great method of trying to get a wonderful deal when you find yourself looking for a preowned vehicle. Used car dealers go to private auctions to find most of their cars, fix them up and sell them to you at a markup. If you are willing to do the work or are able to pick one that doesn't need much work you can take it to a mechanic to fix it up for you and still save a ton of cash. To be safe you should set aside $1000 or more to deal with any repairs the vehicle you choose needs. The cars available come from many different sources including local car dealers who couldn't sell it, private owners, seized and impounded vehicles, bank repossessions, vehicles off lease or retired government vehicles.

It can be a really fun way to look for a used car on top of the saving you are likely to find, But if you aren't really knowledgeable about cars you will be best served if you can find a friend who is to go with you, you may also be able to hire a mechanic as a consultant. The downside to buying a car this was is you don't get a test drive so you need someone with a good eye for issues most people would miss. You should also visit a couple times before even planning to make a bid just so you can get more comfortable with the whole process so when it's time to make your own bids you will be ready, confident with the knowledge needed.

They Offer A Large Selection

No matter what kind of vehicle you are looking for you are sure to find a number of cars, trucks, suvs, and more that you will have on your possibility list. It's much more effective than driving from used car lot to used car lot trying to find something, plus you save money as long as you don't get carried away and get caught up in a bidding war or purchase a lower tier car that is just not worth the time and effort of fixing.

No Dealing With Pushy Salesmen

No one but you cares if you buy any cars, the private sellers certainly hope their car sells, but they aren't going to anywhere near you when you look at it. The only time you may come in contact with a seller if is the car doesn't sell, usually because it didn't reach the reserve on it, at that point you can usually talk to the seller and try to work out a deal. Aside from that it's just down to you with all your research, checking any Vehicle Identification Numbers you need and maybe your helper.

Arrive As Early As Possible

Contact the location to find out what time they allow people in so you have the most time possible to look over their inventory and do any research you may need to that you weren't able to ahead of time. As long as you stay smart and don't get carried away you should be able to walk away with a nice vehicle at a great price, hopefully with just a few repairs and some custom touches will make it yours for less than a used lot.