Insurance Auto Auctions Inc


Insurance Auto Auctions Inc

Auto auction sales aren't for the weak hearted, like everything else there are tip and tricks to success and experience are the best tools. They move fast and not knowing what you are doing could leave you empty handed or worse stuck with a vehicle that will turn out to be a money pit instead of a great deal. But with good preparation you can give yourself the tools needed to score a great deal that needs only a few fixes. You best prep is checking a full VIN report before bidding.

And for sure you can find some great deals but you need to remember most of the selections are cars that couldn't sell elsewhere even budget used car lots. But if you can side step all the pitfalls and balance you risks against the potential saving you may be able to score a deal where you are saving $3000 or more from going to a used car lot, and may only need to invest between say $500 and $1000 into fixing up the vehicle and making it yours. Vehicles usually sell for right around dealership trade-in prices. So find a winner.

Attend Several Times Before Bidding

Most public auctions allow you to attend for free, so go several times and sit back and watch the action to become more comfortable with the speed, constant motion, how the buyers bid, even the cadence of the auctioneer will help you out when you are ready to officially jump right into the fray and find your best possible deal and understand how everything works, how to pay and any fees and how much cash to bring.

What Not To Do

This is as important or more than what you should do. Here are some of the things you will want to avoid. Number one with a bullet is overbidding, everyone can get caught up in trying to win and end up justifying going over your limit for the brief nice feeling of winning. Speaking of overbidding, watch out for shills, have you seen this bidder numerous times? They may just be there to drive prices up. Stick to your budget.

What You Should Do

First off bring someone who is more car savvy than you or even a mechanic, they will help you in many ways. First off they will be a great help when inspecting cars in person. They will also be able to help keep you from overbidding. You should also cast a wide net, don't put all of your hopes into one or two cars be as open minded in looking for a car that would work for you as you can be, that's how you can score a great deal.