Premier Auto Auction


Premier Auto Auction

Are you aware that nearly every car will be sold via auctions at some point in it's life. There are Private and Public auctions, the former is only for dealerships while the later is the one everyone is welcomed to attend a purchase any vehicle that draws their attention. Check with the location you are planning to visit but you will almost certainly need to bring your drivers license and a cash deposit which will vary. If you have a winning bid this deposit will be used to cover some of what you owe, and keep in mind that the your winning bid is not your final total there will be additional fees. But let that scare your away as long as you do your research you are likely to find a vehicle you love for much less than you could get it via a used car lot or from a private, and even after making any and all repairs if you stick to your max bid you should be in a position to still have saved money overall you may even be able to drive it for a year and sell it for what you paid.

The vehicles up for sale can come from many different sources cars local used car dealerships couldn't sell at their markup, private owners, rentals or off-leases, bank repos, police impounds or trade-in's. Generally speaking they sell for about trade-in value or blue book value, which means you save a ton over "sticker price". Some of which will go to repairs but if you make out well you will see great savings and have a nice, reliable vehicle. When buying from a used car lot you should take it to a mechanic to check out anyway.

Car Auctions Can Be Fun Times

Public ones tend to move slower than ones for dealers and are less intimidating. You should make a point to go to one or two before you are even ready to get involved in placing bids, just sit back and watch so you can get more comfortable before you dive into the competition trying to find the best vehicle for your style and needs. You might even meet someone with a bunch of experience who isn't looking for the same kind of vehicle as you are that will give you help you out some, but it's still better to bring help when bidding.

Research The Vehicles You Like

Get the list of all of the vehicles on the block that week and research everything that you can about every vehicle that you may be interested in. Know the wholesale and retail costs, look into which of those cars you like are known to have common problems and if there is a good fix or not, also look into various repair costs. Knowing how to avoid problematic cars is the best thing you can do whenever looking for a vehicle, it will save you headaches. Check the VIN's of cars you like.

Keep Your Emotions At Home

That's what all the research was for. You should be able to step up to big with cold hard facts in front of you, with maximum bids for every vehicle locked in so you don't get caught up in trying to outbid your competition and end up overpaying for the vehicle. You may also need to revise that max bid number after you get a good up close look at the vehicle and see any issues you didn't know about. Knowledge is your best friend here.