Detroit Auto Auction - Taylor


Detroit Auto Auction - Taylor

Public vehicle auctions have been growing in popularity in recent years, thanks to auction based shows everyone is out looking for their opportunity to "beat the system" and walk away with a steal of a deal. At these auctions you will find a wide range of vehicles, depending on the type of auction but generally the vehicles available will be a lot of low quality cars that have very high mileage on them or need a lot of repairs, but if you know what you are doing and willing to put in the work the ones that need repairs you can get a bargain, but most auctions have a few nice options that need very little work done to them.

If you place a winning bid make sure to keep in mind that your bid is not the going to be your final total you will have other fees to pay, so long before attending a sale you will want to do your homework and learn all you can about how this auction works, it will safe you a ton of headaches and mistakes later. Like most auctions only accept cash so don't be the person who shows up with a debit card or even their checkbook.

Stay Calm On Auction Day

Usually at this point most people have at least some online auction experience so you know how easy it is to get excited, especially in person there is a lot going on. So many sure you do all the homework you can ahead of time and arrive as early as they will allow you to so you can get comfortable and hopefully see the selection in person. Be sure to take notes about any of the vehicles that you are interested in possibly bidding on, and get a VIN report to learn its detailed history.

The Potential Drawbacks

Auctions aren't the place for a picky shopper. The object is to buy the best vehicle you are able to find at a bargain price, and using the savings to transform the car into what you want it to be. So you should be ignoring most of the superficial easily fixable aspects of buying a car and focus on your needs and the quality of the vehicles. You also need to make sure you don't get caught up in a bidding war, paying too much is the worst thing you can do, some shady places will put a worker as a bidder to drive up the price.

Keep The Competition In Mind

These events draw in many knowledgeable people looking to make a profit. Some may work for used car dealers who buy cars, take them to the shop fix and clean them up to sell for a profit. Along with home mechanics looking for a great deal, make the basic fixes needed and flipping them on craigslist and other websites and apps along with parking it in a high traffic parking lot with a for sale sign.