Goodwill Auto Auction


Goodwill Auto Auction - Toledo

Many people don't know this but people can donate their cars to Goodwill and they will have vehicle auctions. They strongly recommend if you haven't attended an auction before that you go to one and observe first before participating, and we think that is a very, very good idea. Auctions can be hectic and there is a lot of little details that can make a big difference in your satisfaction level with the vehicle you purchase. For example, vehicles with "R" marked on the windshield means it starts but just that it starts.

Another thing you will need to know is to be able to even bid on a vehicle you will need to register and leave a cash deposit for each car you wish to bid on. This will give you a bid number and act as your receipt for your deposit which will be applied to your purchase, or refunded at the end when over if you don't win anything.

Check Inventory And Pick A Few Vehicles

Don't allow yourself to get overwhelmed by potentially over 100 different vehicles, find your favorites and do your research on them. If you are able to get the VIN numbers your can look into the vehicles pasts to see which of your favorites are likely the best options. You should also look up the blue book pricing as well as see what similar vehicles are selling for at dealerships and private sellers. Doing this will give you a good price range to know what will be a good deal. Also make sure you set aside money to make repairs and improvements to any vehicle you win, most sources will suggest setting at least $1000 aside for this.

Establish Your Maximum Bid

By this point you will have your top vehicles figured out and you will know what a good price for it is. Your maximum big may very by which car it is, that's fine, but make sure you stick to your set limit to avoid overpaying and regretting it. Auctions can get emotional, if you have never done any auction before you should really find something you want or need on eBay and place a bid, win or loss you will learn assuming there are other bidders you will learn quickly how easy you can talk yourself into going over your max bid to win, it's similar to gambling. Having the winning bid sets off the pleasure center of your brain and losing it feels terrible, but sticking to a well laid out plan will help prevent this, the real win is the bargain.

Get A Feel For It Before Going To Bid

All auctions are different, it's a great idea to attend a couple without any plans of bidding. These places can be hectic as you have a large crowd and an auctioneer trying to get though 15 or more cars in an hour. This extra research and scouting you do will help pay off before you have money in the game. A lot of these people you will see every time so you can figure out who to pay attention to you and who not to get into a bidding war with. Every bit of information, like a VIN report, you learn is information that can save you some money when you win.