Detroit Auto Auction


Detroit Auto Auction

Purchasing a car via auction can save you money compared to dealerships and even private parties, but the way to get these great deals is by having the knowledge needed to make sure you are getting the deal you think you are instead of ending up making a huge financial risk. If you are planning to go this route and you are sure you know what you're doing or can bring someone with you that does the most important thing for you to do is as much research before hand, as once the auction starts things can get a bit fast and chaotic.

First thing first is learn all you can about the rules of the auction you are going to attend and look into any cars up for auction you can, if Vehicle Identification Numbers are listed you'll want to run them to find out the history of that car, which should give you a much better idea of the cars you are interested in. There are still tons of possible repairs that the vehicle you win could need, but you will know which vehicles that look good should be crossed off the list from the start.

Have A Plan But Be Flexible

Anyone that has used eBay knows how easy it can be to get sucked into a bigging war. So don't set all your hopes on one listing as you are likely setting yourself up for disappointment. When looking at vehicles look for aspects you want in a vehicle not a specific one, by doing this you will have more options and should have more success. Allowing you to walk away with a deal you are extremely happy with in the end.

Bring Someone With You

Even if you have been fixing your own cars since you got your first one, it's always a good idea to have a second set of eyes, and buying a car especially at auctions can be a bit of an emotional experience so having a less invested voice of objectivity can be very useful before you get into a bidding war you will end up regretting while making repairs. It's especially a good idea if this person knows as much or more than you, or more about say drivetrains than do you. As long they aren't a distractions they will be an asset.

Stick to Your Budget

This has been touched on many times already but it really is important. The entire point of attending auctions to find a vehicle is to find a great deal, if you overspend that defeats the point. You would have been better off going to a used car dealership that gives you more protection should the car be in worse shape than you originally. Buying a car via auctions is about making sure you saved enough money to make it as good or better than it would be from a dealership while saving money. That's the outcome you want.