Motor City Auto Auction


Motor City Auto Auction

These auto auctions let buyers looking for a good deal to by used cars through a bidding process, where they typically sell for about blue book values. Much lower than buying it at a used car lot but you will probably need to have some repairs to fix up, but as long you do a decent job at choosing your vehicle you will have saved enough that even after fixing it up and even customize it to your taste you'll come out ahead, but there are pitfalls you'll need to avoid to make sure you don't get a terrible vehicle that is a lost cost.

To prevent this you want to make sure not to get caught up in the excitement, you need to do your homework to make sure the vehicles that your want to bid on will be a great deal. There are many things to do to help make sure you score a winner and are happy with your purchase, and remember next week or so there will be a whole new selection to choose from so don't get too attached to anything, that's usually when it goes bad.

Set Your Max Budget And Stick With It

Your budget shouldn't be the same for every vehicle you are interested it all depends on how much it's worth. But you also need to take into account that generally cars sold here are going to have mechanical issues, high miles, past accidents or even worse issues, that's why you want to check the Vehicle Identification Number to see the history of the vehicle. And have money set aside to make sure you have enough to repair the vehicle your win. When you do this right you will end up very happy with a solid vehicle that you got for much less than a used car lot would have sold it for. If you do great you may even sell it for profit later.

Make Sure You Do Your Research

Purchasing your vehicle this way may get you a vehicle for much cheaper than the market price however remember this is still a big investment, you will want to make sure you bid on the vehicles that give you the best bang for you buck and know when to stop bidding. So get all the info you can get ahead of the auction and research all of the cars you have any interest in and become familiar with them to make smart bids. Check the VIN of what cars you are interested in.

Bring A Helper With You

Find someone who knows more about cars than you do, be it a friend or maybe even pay a local mechanic to go with you to help you whittle down your shortlist of the options you like, they will be a huge help when you can inspect the car and look for any defects and any other issues. You'll know which to cross off the list and which are viable option to bid on. The goal is get a car as cheap as possible that can be fixed for under blue book value, that's the ultimate win when buying a car.