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The biggest tip when it comes to buying a vehicle at auctions is balancing the risk you are taking against the potential saving you may make by purchasing your next car or truck. You can absolutely find some great deals but generally auctions are cars that failed to sell at other places, so go into knowing you are going to need to do or have work done on them. If you aren't very knowledgeable about cars you may want to avoid auctions unless you can take someone who is with you. But when done correctly you can save on average $2,000 to $4,000 on you purchase. Just remember you are going up against professionals.

Auctions are very different from going to a used car lot, you aren't able to test drive any vehicle you are interested, you get very little time to look over the vehicles to inspect them, and for a sought after the bidding process can seem chaotic to rookies, before even thinking about making a purchase you should attend a few times to get more comfortable with the process so you don't end up making a mistake.

Make Sure You Assess Your Risk

Most places use a stoplight system, Green light generally means the vehicle doesn't have any known defects, and arbitration may be available if a mechanical issue is discovered. Yellow light are vehicles known to have issues and are not subject to arbitration. Red light are sold as is, whatever happens you're on your own.

Be Sure You Inspect The Vehicles You Like Well

You will be able to briefly inspect all of the cars that you are interested in, prior to bidding, make sure you get your vehicle inspection reports but don't take the report completely at face value there could be other issues that were missed. If you aren't a car expert this is where having a friend who is most comes in handy. Also make sure you can have access to check the Vehicle Identification Number for any vehicles you may be placing any bids on. It's the only way to get all the info.

Have Options Don't Fall In Love With One

Have a list of vehicles you are interested in then cross them off the list as needed, be it because of an issue you noticed, or bidding gets too high. Make sure you know the Blue Book value and set your bidding limit and stick to it, we all can fall victim to wanting to win, but it's not a win if you overpay to get it.