Midwest Auto Auction


Midwest Auto Auction

For those of you curious about purchasing at public auctions don't worry we will help guide you though the process. The good news is there are no high pressure sales people to deal with like going to a used car dealer and no dealing with sketchy people from various websites who want you to show up where they say with cash. But the biggest upside is you can get a vehicle for much cheaper than a used car lot would sell it for. The downside is there is no test driving or anything, all you can do is inspect the cars visually. So if you don't know much about cars you'll want to find someone who does, even if you need to pay them it's worth it.

Keep in mind most of the time when you buy a car this way you aren't simply going to buy it and be good to go. There will be some repairs needed, but when you are saving thousands on your vehicle if you do it wisely even after the repairs you will still have saved money. Many of the people at the auction will be people who buy cars, fix them up, then sell them for profit. We will provide you with some tips on how to beat them.

Arrive As Early As you Possibly Can

Give yourself the most time you possibly can to check out all the vehicles with your own eyes and start to make notes. Of course take advantage of any information the auctioneers provide ahead of time. You'll want to find the ones you are interested in and check their blue book value and check their vehicle identification number to see it's history.

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Vehicle Inventory Changes Frequently

Don't fret if you aren't able to find or win the vehicle you want as the inventory changes a ton from week to week so don't put all the pressure on walking out with a vehicle on your first visit. In fact you should attend a few times without looking to make any purchase just go to become accustom to how the entire process works so when you are ready to jump into the action you are comfortable in this formerly unfamiliar setting.

What To Bring With You

First off bring your drivers license, enough cash to cover your max bid amount plus any fees charged by the auctioneers, some places will take debit or credit cards but some places are known to charge an added fee too, check beforehand. Your smart phone with a fully charged battery this one is important because it lets you research everything on the spot. Another great tool to bring is a flashlight to get a better look.