A Plus Auto Sales & Auctions


A Plus Auto Sales & Auctions

Vehicle Auctions are pretty foreign ideas for most people but as long as you are willing to do your homework they are great opportunities to buy a used car for blue book price or less. The rules are pretty simple and straight forward, when ready to join in all that is needed is, you sign up to bid by putting a down payment down, you inspect the vehicles you are interested and do any additional research you need to do based on what you saw as you wait for the auctioning to commence. Biggest tip is to have your max bid for any vehicle you are interested written down and make sure you don't exceed it. Getting into a bidding war and losing your cool is how your end up walking away having lost even though you won the car you wanted.

If you have never gone to one before you should attend a couple times to help feel comfortable. When you are ready to bid you will want to arrive early, as early as they will allow you so you have the maximum amount of time to preview the vehicles you are looking at possibly owning. Make sure you inspect the vehicle very well, check to make sure it has original paint, see how it looks under the hood, check the dipsticks and anything else to help you determine what shape the car is in, and how much to bid.

Have Realistic Expectations

This isn't a classic car auction you see on TV, you are going to be surrounded by average vehicles for the most part, you are looking for a car or truck that can easily fixed up into a reliable vehicle. You may get lucky and find something sporty or a truck that isn't overworked but don't expect beautiful gems on the block.

Use All Of Your Senses Common & Advanced

There is no test driving, the vehicles will be auctioned off on visual inspection alone. Unless you run a VIN report like you are able to with our friends at VinAudit. You will need to be able to find tell tale signs of cheap repairs such as paint overspray, puddles under the vehicle, an uneven stance, tires worn unevenly. There is a lot to notice so you really need to know what to look for or have someone with you that does to help make sure you are making a good, car solid purchase.

Do All Of Your Homework

You need to find out what vehicles are going to be offered this time and you need to know the prices of them, you need to know the blue book value, and how much they sell for at used car lots around you. And when placing bids don't forget you will have to pay fees to the auctioneers, and most likely parts or pay a mechanic to make the car you want it to be. Overall, the goal is to save money so anything short is a loss.