J & D Recovery & Auto Auction


J & D Recovery & Auto Auction

First lets start off with the brutal honesty, an auction is everyone person for themselves unless you bring someone to help you, either a friend, or you can sometimes find mechanics who will go with you for a fee to help you. But any auction is going to be ruthless. Everyone else is hoping no one bids on what they want and buy the trash get out of their way for the win they want. You should always be reminding yourself "Caveat emptor" or in English "Let the buyer beware". Before even thinking of going make sure you do all your research on the auctions. After this intro you are probably thinking this is a terrible idea, but don't fret there are upsides to enjoy as well. We just want to make sure that you are being extra cautious from the start.

Want the good news now? If you avoid pitfalls and play your cards right you can walk away with a steal of a deal, some estimates average a saving of between $1000-$3000, another metric we have heard and fine to be the most accurate of what saving you can expect to spend about what the average trade in value from a dealership is. So make sure to check the blue book values and set firm max bids for vehicles accordingly.

Your Bid Is Not Your Grand Total

Fees vary by auction house, but unless you have looked up exactly what you will be paying at this one it's best to assume 10% on top of your winning bid. This is one of the reasons it's good to go and watch a couple auctions before you get involved so you can become more familiar with how their process is, who the regulars are and who could be a shill purposely bidding a lot and not winning to raise the winning bid totals.

Arrive As Early As You Are Able

The fewer the people the easier it will be for you to look around, avoid distractions, check out the vehicles you think you may be interested in if allowed, at the least you will be able to see them in person from a distance in most cases. Make sure you have a charged phone to do all the checks on VIN numbers and blue book prices, going to previous auctions will let you know if you have a good cell signal or if you need to do more work before leaving to start bidding. Preparation will help you stay calm and focused. Learn all about the car with a VIN report.

Watch Out For These Issues

Common issues that can affect the value and show signs of repairs are things like, uneven tire wear especially if it's on all tires, damaged rims on one side of the car (usually the side not presented to the bidders), any cats with title problems, rebuilt usually drops the value by 30%. If VIN numbers in different places don't match up, traces of paint over spray, new carpeting in an otherwise old looking vehicle. Trust your gut, if something doesn't seem to be right stay away for that or those vehicles.